Shark tank is an American reality TV show that is considered as very popular all around the world. This show features a lot of young aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking forward to make their dream come true by presenting their various types of products to the investors which are called as the sharks. These investors are always hunting to find the best product which they can launch in the market and make tons of money out of it. The entrepreneurs try their best to grab the best deal of their lifetime and the investors try to get the idea or the product which they can use to make some money out of it. The show is famous for its harsh shark comments and entrepreneurs who grab the best deal while many of them go back to their home with empty hands. The show created history and buzz in the entire world when two South Korean sisters came to the show and grabbed the best deal of their life. Both the sisters went happily to their home after grabbing a handsome amount of money for their product.

How did the magic happen?

Angela and Yoojin Kim are the South Korean sisters who have made the history. Both the sisters very confidently entered the show and began with their presentation. They explained a lot about their cream and the sharks also showed their interest in it. It didn’t take too long for both the sisters to know that they have an upper hand in the deal as all the sharks were interested in their skin cream. Both the sisters explained a lot about their miracle facial rejuvenation cream. The negotiation was also very long as all the sharks have offered them with many deals and the sisters were also negotiating with each of the sharks. After long negotiation, they finally agreed on the offer of $2.5 million for 25% of their company. After getting the deal both the sisters were really happy and walked out of the room as it was the biggest deal of the shark tank history which is being offered to anyone. This episode of shark tank was also the most watched episode of the shark tank history. Both the sisters have topped the beauty care line in South Korea, but now they are planning to top the entire world with their amazing beauty products.

About the product

Both the sisters have designed an effective anti aging wrinkle cream that works on your face. Anyone can apply the cream on the areas where the improvement needs to be done. The cream gets absorbed in the skin and works on your wrinkles and fine lines. After using the cream for few weeks, you will get to feel the difference in your skin as well as the texture of your skin. Their cream contains the extracts of collagen which works on your skin cells. It triggers the growth of new skin cells as well as makes the skin elastic and plump. You can apply the cream on your forehead as well as around your eyes to get flawless skin.

Miracle Facial Cream On Shark Tank